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We offer Total Solution. FTSI offers total solutions for an entire spectrum of industries. Carefully designed, these solutions deliver comprehensive coverage for effective and efficient security. Our knowledgeable sales professionals are experts in their technology fields. Having an experienced partner like FTSI by your side can help you design the perfect solution for your business needs.

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Experts in Loss Prevention & CCTV

Our group of experts will give you the best guidance accessible and select just the most suitable hardware for your application. Along these lines, our group will outline and introduce a framework that furnishes you and your business with the advantages you need to upgrade your benefits while ensuring you against misfortune and potential misfortune.

Our Focus is Customer Service

From searching for a new CCTV System update and additions to your existing system to maintenance assistance, FTSI Total Solutions can surely help you.

Our Commitment

FTSI does not only provide hardwares and systems but also share ideas with partners to create unique features that may give advantage and benefits to make you stand out and compete in your market.

Our Commitment

AFFORDABLE – A great product comes with great price. FTSI offers quality equipment and systems in reasonable prices.


FTSI provides high value multi-vendor solutions following a world class standard of in house technology testing to evaluation and verification processes up to project execution and fulfillment. FTSI keeps abreast with technological trends in order to help clients cope with the rapid evolution of technologies.


FTSI provides a wide range of products in order to maintain high-level surveillance capability regardless of the installation site, weather condition and purposes.

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FTSI offers a wide variety of barrier gates & swing and slide gate operators for industrial, commercial and residential applications where protection/privacy, reserved space or traffic flow control is needed.

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FTSI offers an extensive range of fire alarm systems. From simple manual fire alarm systems to complex and integrated systems employing the latest technology for larger buildings.

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FTSI offers various intercom systems such as voice only intercoms, music intercoms, replacement intercoms, and video intercoms.

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FTSI delivers affordable PABX switchboard telephone system from leading brands. With our extensive experience in the business environment and vast range of top PABX telephone systems we will be able to offer you the best solution for your business.

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FTSI offers a complete system approach. From design services to ensure proper system placement and selection to long-term service and maintenance to ensure your investment lasts.

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FTSI covers all phases of protection, from product selection to installation done by team of qualified installers.

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FTSI offers the most advanced and comprehensive metal detection systems. We also offer in depth, specialized consulting to help manage your security and loss prevention needs.

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FTSI provides assistance to help you find the right EAS security systems including all kinds of quality security tags.

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FTSI is committed to supplying innovative products, ground-breaking solutions and unrivaled services to businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes. FTSI provides state-of-the-art system engineering technology with end-to-end solutions from design and supply, to installation, implementation and maintenance.

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FTSI’s screening and inspection systems provide exceptional automated processing, threat recognition and throughput rates.

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FTSI offers a broad product line for WLAN Access Points, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) midspan for both indoor and outdoor deployments which includes industrial grade PoE systems, PoE ICs, diode bridges, TVS diodes, switching regulators, RF power amplifiers, RF linear amplifiers and RF front end modules.

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We can help you create a robust security environment with services that include threat assessments, policy review and development, and master planning. Security decisions you make today can determine your organization’s security and resilience for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable you to feel more confident about the actions you take to protect your family office, employees, operations, facilities, and assets.