Security X-ray Scanners

Combining innovative threat detection technologies with intelligent and flexible system designs, FTSI’s screening and inspection systems provide exceptional automated processing, threat recognition and throughput rates. FTSI’s technologies safeguard people, airports and aircrafts, ships and the flow of goods, state boundaries, critical infrastructure and large events against present-day threats such as terrorism and illegal trafficking.


Every day millions of people all over the world pass through security checkpoints, hoping to do so as quickly and conveniently as possible. To enable this, innovative all-encompassing transmission X-ray technology for personnel security screening for checkpoint inspection at prisons, airports, border crossings and government buildings or wherever high security is required. One of the most important advantages of these body scanners is the detection of all types of dangerous substances, including liquid explosives, even if they are concealed – not only under clothes but also in body cavities and prosthetic devices. Its capabilities are much wider than the ordinary metal detectors of competitive systems.


Baggage and cargo inspection systems are especially designed to meet the main security requirements of airports, customs facilities, carriers, border crossings, ports, logistics centers and parcel services. Dual-energy baggage scanners allow the identification of weapons, explosives, drugs, fuses and other dangerous objects that are considered as a safety hazard. New compact, safe and effective models allows to offer these high security solutions to schools and universities.


The constant flow of goods and materials through border crossings and ports poses a world of challenges. The Drive-Through Portal (DTP) high-energy systems in stationary and relocatable configurations are designed to detect various types of hidden threats and contraband, including weapons, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, drugs and undeclared goods. This systems are the optimal solution for inspection of cargo, trucks and passenger vehicles at seaports, customs and border crossings.