Walkthrough & Handheld Metal Detectors

FTSI offers the most advanced and comprehensive metal detection systems. We also offer in depth, specialized consulting to help manage your security and loss prevention needs.

Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, there are numerous reasons to invest in a metal detector. Metal detectors come in a variety of sizes for different purposes, and finding the perfect one for your business is as easy as determining what features your company needs. Simple standing metal detectors can ensure everyone who walks into a building is free of knives, guns, or other potentially dangerous metal objects. X-ray metal detectors can give even better images of what a person may be carrying. Metal detectors can also help prevent loss from within the company.

Metal detectors seem to be everywhere from airports to public schools to public libraries.  Security has become very important with all of problems with mass shootings and terrorist threats in the United States during the past twenty years.  Although the security measures may seem extreme at times, protecting people in public venues has become a necessity.


There are two types of security detectors used in public, handheld wands and walk-through detectors.  Security wands can be used anywhere, but they are often used in locations where large crowds are going to gather, such as airports, arenas or sports stadiums. They are often used in conjunction with walk-through detectors.

If a walk-through metal detector indicates that a person has something suspicious hidden on their bodies, then a security guard may use a handheld metal detector to try to locate the contraband.  Although some walk-through detectors can indicate the area of the body where a knife or gun may be hidden, a handheld detector can pinpoint the exact location of the item.